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It’s pretty simple really. We buy the best meat we can find directly from the farmer that raised it, and deliver it fresh straight to your door. Like we said, simple.

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Beverly Creek Farms

Beverly Creek Farms is a cooperative of beef farmers in Millgrove ON, just outside of Hamilton/Burlington. They raise their beef on pasture consisting of mixed wild grasses, and hay cut from that pasture. Their 100% Grass-fed beef is raised without the use of hormones or antibiotics, and are GMO free. https://beverlycreek.ca

What Does “Grass-fed” Actually Mean?

Food labeling in Canada is governed by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (“CFIA”). While there has been progress in the rules and regulations around the terms that have been defined (such as organic), there is the unfortunate reality that not every term used to describe food out there has been defined. And even if they…

WSB Grilling Tips

If you’re new to the grill, or looking to pick up some tricks to impress your neighbours, you’re in luck. West Side Beef, an online butcher shop that ships high-quality, ethically raised meat right to your door, has shared their Top 8 Tips for Marinating and Grilling. Tip 1: Let the flavours marry  Marinades are…

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