About Us

West Side Beef first started in 2010 by Kurt going to his friends Ryan and Carl and wanting to get the same quality of beef that he would eat at their restaurant. The beef share was created and West Side Beef was born. Through word of mouth we grew, and in 2015, we built our first website. Over time, more and more people wanted to get restaurant quality meat to use in their own house. We added the chicken and pork shares in order to increase our offerings. Eventually, it became apparent that the restaurant could not continue to support the increasing demand for both the restaurant and West Side Beef, and like a teenager who had finished school, in December 2018, West Side Beef set out it’s own in order to expand, and continue serving its increasing requests.

Once we found our own place, we increased our network of farmers and started to offer a wider variety of options and give a more butcher shop style experience. This allowed people to place more personalized and flexible orders. In Oct 2019, we launched subscriptions allowing people to subscribe and receive a standing order every week or month, and later every 2 weeks.

Over the years, we have continued to work with new farmers and launch new offerings. As we continue to grow, we make sure that we can always stick to our core values:

  • Animals that are raised locally and ethically without the use of hormones or antibiotics at any point during its life
  • Supporting our farmers by buying the whole animal and paying them well for their work
  • Delivering our offerings fresh every week

To us, butchery and service is not just a job. It’s a passion.