How It Works

How To Order

  • At West Side Beef, we are your neighbourhood butcher, delivered to your door. We want to make sure you have options when buying from us. That is why we offer two ways to order:
    1. Through a subscription
    2. A la carte
  • When you are choosing your items, there will be either a one-time purchase option or a variety of subscription frequencies to choose from. Once you have added the desired items to your cart, simply check out and await your meat delivered fresh to your door.

How We Process Orders

  • We process and ship fresh every week
  • No need to worry about how long the meat you receive has been sitting in a freezer before you received it
  • Orders are collected from Monday – Sunday and then delivered on the Friday following the Sunday cut off
  • It takes all week to bring in, process, package, label, and pack all the meat needed for the week
  • We only bring in what we need from our farmers, which allows us to not over process animals, leading to less waste, and of course, fresher meat for you.


  • All deliveries happen on Friday of each week between 10am and 6pm
  • They are shipped in our insulated boxes that keep everything cold for 24-36 hours from the time is leaves our warehouse
  • Return all packaging materials when you receive your next order to receive a $3 credit. Click here to learn more about it.

How Our Subscriptions Work

  • Our subscriptions can be built using any mix of products from our website that you like or you can choose one of our pre-designed boxes
  • Subscriptions are a great way to set up a delivery of staple items for your household without remembering to log in and order every week/month, and are a great way to build the meat foundation for your monthly meal plans
  • They also help us to better plan our production ahead of time with our farmers and find efficiencies in our supply chain. As a result, all subscription items are discounted slightly compared to regular stock items.
  • You can add on one-time purchase items to your subscription anytime before or after renewal by placing an additional order through the site
  • If an additional order is placed during the same window that your subscription renews (Monday morning -Sunday evening) then it will be automatically consolidated and delivered together. Any additional delivery fees you incur will be refunded once your orders are consolidated
  • If it is outside this window, then it will be delivered separately.

Modifying Subscriptions

  • You can modify your subscription at any point.
  • Any changes made will only go into effect upon the next renewal charge, and will not effect any prior renewals or renewals being processed.
  • Any changes made to a subscription will be subject to any and all current pricing and delivery charges as listed on the site.

Cancelling Subscriptions

  • Subscription plans can only be cancelled after four (4) renewals.
  • In order to cancel your subscription, please contact us.

Subscription Skipping

  • You can skip a subscription renewal once per renewal through account->subscriptions->suspend.

Fridge Shelf Life

  • To preserve the quality of your West Side Beef products, anything you are not planning on cooking within 48 hours of delivery should be frozen.