Custom Whole Animal Butchery


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For those who are looking to purchase in bulk and stuff their freezer, this option is for you. We can offer the following animals custom cut to your specifications:

Pasture Raised Angus Beef
Whole Beef – $8.00/lb
Half Beef – $8.50/lb
Quarter Beef – $9.00/lb

Pietraim x Duroc Pork
Whole Pig – $5.50/lb
Half Pig – $6.00/lb

Berkshire Pork
Whole Pig – $6.50/lb
Half Pig – $7.00/lb

Pasture Raised Lamb
Whole Lamb – $16.00/lb
Half Lamb – $17.00/lb

Once purchased, a member of our team will reach out to you with the next steps. Pricing is per lb of the hanging weight of the animal. Delivery is a minimum of 2 weeks from the order date.

The $300 is a deposit that will be put towards the final cost of your custom butchery request.