How to Get the Most Out of Your West Side Beef Chicken

All of our West Side Beef chickens come from Fenwood Farms, located in Ancaster Ontario. John and Carol Fenema run the farm and just like us, they believe in eating healthy, farming sustainably, and enjoying life.

This week to highlight the superior quality of Fenwood chicken we want to specifically talk about the benefits of buying whole chickens, rather than pieces.

Buying whole always makes the most economic sense, our Whole Chickens, which are on the larger side, ~3.5lbs each are regularly priced at $24.99. From one Whole Chicken, you can make 2 breasts, 2 legs, 4 wings (if split), plus your own broth from the bones. Individually, all of those items on our site would come out to almost $40.

We have a video posted below showing you step by step how to safely butcher a chicken at home into all of the pieces mentioned above.

If you run into any trouble, feel free to use our “Ask the Butcher” chat function on the site and we’ll walk you through it.