How Does WSB Help Me Eat More Vegetables?

My wife and I are very loyal WSB customers. In fact, I can’t remember the last time I bought meat at a grocery store for my home use. But this doesn’t mean that we buy beef and chicken and pork every couple of weeks, it just means that when we want to eat meat, we have it.

Our diet is actually very much vegetable based. Something we love about WSB is that there is great variety in the cuts you get in each bag. In the summer months, we may pull a steak or chop or chicken breast and grill it to put on top of a big salad, or make a summery stew like ratatouille that focuses on tomatoes and summer squash and fennel with a chicken thigh snuck in there for some added yum.

In the winter, we will pull the pork shoulders and beef briskets and make long, slow braises like bourguignon with lots of onions and mushrooms and red wine and that gelatinous stock, which we will portion in containers and freeze for cold nights to come. In all of these cases, the meat is used as the garnish, not the base. An 8oz chicken breast or steak will easily feed the both of us when on top of that salad. And that chunk of brisket, will make a week’s worth of dinners.

When looking for inspiration, we usually visit one of the many farmer’s markets in Toronto, and in the summer there is at least one every day of the week. We stock our fridge with whatever veggies look, smell and taste delicious. Cooking on a nightly basis is super easy and if we want to add a little meat, it’s always close at hand.