How Do I Claim My Credit For Returning My Box?

The good news is that you don’t need to do anything to claim your box return credits. Every week, the drivers bring back all the collected returns to our shop where they stack them into  pile which are then processed 1 week later. Once processed, each return is issued as a refund to your credit card which takes 5-7 business days to appear on your card.

In order to keep the box return program running, boxes, insulation, and ice packs must be returned in “like new” condition in order to be used again. Below are some guidelines on how to preserve your box. Failure to adhere to these guidelines may result in a reduction or loss of credits.

  • Do not rip off the tape in order to open your box. This tears the box apart and thus cannot be used again. Open your box by cutting the tape on the top and both sides in order to easily open your WSB box.
  • Do not remove the shipping label on the box. This not only damages the box resulting in its disposal, but the information on the label is used to issue the credits. No label, no credit.
  • Gently lift one side of the insulation, using your hand to keep the products away from the side, in order to access everything in your WSB box. Pulling to hard or on both sides may result in tearing of the insulation resulting in its disposal, especially if you have items with harder/sharper edges (ie. stock, bone-in/frozen items, etc).
  • Do not fold the flaps of the box in order to close it. This causes the box to bend and damages the aesthetic and possible structural integrity of the box which may result in its disposal.
  • Store your box in a clean indoor space before returning it. Storing your box outside or in an overly dusty/musty/dirty place may result in degradation/staining of the packing materials resulting in their disposal. You may cut the tape on the bottom the box in order to store the box flat and reduce the storage space needed.
  • Do not return items you did not receive with you WSB box. These may include (but are not limited to) plastic bags, packing materials from other companies (freezer bags, ice packs, etc), tissues, paper towels, receipts, food delivery packaging, gloves, masks, etc. These items may cause unforeseen damage/stains to our packaging materials resulting in their disposal. Please dispose of your own trash appropriately.
  • We reserve the right to refuse the credit to any person for any reason
  • In order to keep the box return process easy and efficient, please return your boxes from the previous order each and every time you receive a delivery. Collecting boxes from multiple orders and attempting to return them all at once may result in a partial or impossible collection of your returns.

We appreciate you taking the time to read this and comply with these guidelines. It will allow us to continue to keep this program running and reduce our waste.